Afghan Kush Regular Seeds
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Afghan Kush Regular Seeds

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Afghan Kush by White Label Seeds is almost a pure Indica, a stabilized Kush landrace that originates from the mountainous regions of Hindu Kush, known for its cannabis breeding tradition. Typical couch-locking Kush, this marijuana strain is strong and powerful: this is not for beginners.


Strong and sturdy

As with most Afghani landraces: great resistance to mold, mildew and harsher climates are present within Afghan Kush too. Short to medium plants with tight internodes and dark green, broad-bladed, fat leaves will finish flowering in just 7-8 weeks, which makes it a great choice both for indoors and outdoors. It can take any kind of training you throw at her so she’s well suited for inexperienced growers. Medium sized branches will fill up with long, dense and strong-smelling buds, covered with resinous trichomes from top to bottom.


  • Indica-dominant (90%), Afghan Kush landrace;
  • Finishes flowering in just 7-8 weeks or by mid-September outdoors;
  • Indoors height is usually up to 100cm, outdoors it can grow up to 140cm;
  • Yield is up to 400-550g/m2 or around 120-150g per plant;
  • 16 plants are recommended per m2 in SOG;
  • Usually testing at ~17% THC and <1% CBD.


Perfect night time strain

Effects are typical Indica - heavy body stoned, couch-locked feeling that leaves you calm, relaxed and sleepy. It’s used medicinally to treat chronic pain, glaucoma, nausea, insomnia and stress. Flavors are spicy and herbal, and aromas are earthy, woody and piney with hints of fuel.


Type 90% Indica
Flowering Time 45-50 Days
Grows Indoors/Outdoors