Auto Kush Doctor Autoflowering Feminised Seeds
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Auto Kush Doctor Autoflowering Feminised Seeds

  • Feminised
  • Autoflowering
  • Indoor / Outdoor
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Auto Seeds Kush Doctor combines the most intense flavours and a fantastic uplifting high. To create this beauty, Auto Seeds first crossed the Legendary OG Kush with their Ultra Lemon Haze, making a perfectly balanced citrus OG mother. This was stabilized and then crossed with the extra sweet strength of their renowned Berry Ryder. The resulting strain is packed full of fruity flavours while still maintaining the power of the OG Kush genetics.

The yield from Kush Doctor can be very impressive in the right environment upwards of 300 gr/m2 but this is a really easy strain to achieve good results, even in harsher climates or where watering is inconsistent. If left to its own devices it will grow quite tall but is also happy to be constrained if space is an issue. Either way, the yields are very pleasing. Kush Doctor will show more of its Sativa heritage when growing, leaves are slightly longer and more slender and buds form in more lengthy, yet still dense clusters.

With such a perfect blend of Indica and Sativa genetics, Auto Seeds' Kush Doctor is a true all-rounder. It has a taste that is quite light, focusing on flavours of blueberries and sweet citrus before the classic undertone of kush comes through. It is only after a second or third hit that the additional aromas of spice and fuel become added to the mix.

The resulting effects from Kush Doctor are very noticeable without feeling overpowering. Initially very cerebral, light use will easily leave you able to function and is especially good for socialising. As an evening smoke, Kush Doctor can be used as a great way to wind down and relax without imposing a deep lethargy that can come from some OG crosses.

Great tasting, highly enjoyable strain, if you want to unwind and feel good – just call for the Doctor!

Type Sativa/Indica/Ruderalis
Genetics (OG Kush x Ultra Lemon Haze) x Berry Ryder
Flowering Indoors 75-85 Days
Effect Well Balanced Mind And Body Buzz
Yield 300 gr/m2 +
THC Content High
Taste Citrus, Blueberries, Kush Undertones