British Columbia Super Kush Seeds
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British Columbia Super Kush Seeds

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Super Kush from the British Columbia is an indica dominant strain specially developed for everyone who likes strong cerebral, couchlock, high. Her seeds have genetics of two famous cannabis - Northern Lights No.5 and Kush, they well balance the highest indica/sativa qualities of both parents and are described as very reliable and consistent and require a very low maintenance.
Indica domination makes Super Kush seeds be quite easy to grow. They were specially created for indoor environment and show great performance in all growing set ups - pots, soil and/or hydroponics. British Columbia seeds are known for their good rate of germination, at least 80% is guaranteed. Growing of this cannabis seeds is strongly dominated by indica genetics, they produce short (100 cm) stocky plants with prevalence of both parents. Some plants have more from Northern Lights, they smell hashy and have a good coat of sugar. The others are sweet and fluffy, with less sugar, like Kush. Both produce large round buds with a mild harsh aroma.
Mature plants are very attractive, their green foliage and big buds look really frosty totally covered with shining white crystals full of THC (15-20%) with an excellent calyx to leaf ratio. This strain is quite popular between marijuana growers. Though it takes a bit longer for this indica to finish (10-12 weeks), it's worth waiting as this petite lade produce yields which can be as big as 400 gr per m2. Some other favourite features include easy cloning and high tolerance to nutrients, water levels and temperature extremes.
Marijuana produced by Super Kush has a great taste and a thick smooth smoke, very powerful and totally relaxing, a perfect evening/weekend 'get away'.
Genetics Northern Lights #5 x Kush
Type 80% Indica / 20% Sativa
Flowering Time 7-9 Weeks
Effects Powerful And Totally Relaxing