Centennial Dakini Kush Seeds
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Centennial Dakini Kush Seeds

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This strain takes both its parents’ lineage from the Hindu Kush valley of Afghanistan, a region famous for its hashish. The Dakini Kush is an easy to grow pure indica strain that finishes fast, making it an excellent choice for indoors. The dried flowers are incredibly dense and absolutely matted with trichomes. It has a big complex flavour and fragrance of sweet caramel with notes of berry and hops. It has a powerful indica effect that is very relaxing, anxiety-reducing and generally pleasant. It is best used at bedtime or as an adjunct to clearing the mind of stress. Dakini Kush is appropriate for pain, sleep, anxiety, mood elevation and appetite stimulation.

Breeder: Centennial Seeds
Genetics: Pre98 BK x Hindu Kush
Variety: Pure Indica
Sex: Regular
THC Content: Medium
Yield: Medium
Plant Height: up to 150 cm
Grows: Grows indoors, Grows outdoors
Flowering Time: 9 weeks
Harvest Month: September
Medicinal Properties: It helps with any of the following: pain, sleep, anxiety, mood elevation, appetite stimulation.