Gage Green Group Starlet Kush Seeds
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Gage Green Group Starlet Kush Seeds

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The crystal-laden Starlet Kush will shine in any garden with its voluptuous bud formations and unforgettable Pure Kush smells. 
The Starlet Kush brings the old school days of Kush, before the fruity flavors became the dominant smells. "Smells like old school weed from Long Beach," says Irie Genetics. We take this juicy Pure Kush and pair it with the Jo's Chem/Diesel/OG characteristics to make it a Gage Green classic. 
Starlet Kush takes things back to their roots. "This strain makes resin and ruins scissors." The effects are great for lower body pain and insomnia. "I would recommend this for medical smokers who need a calming pain reliever and people with ADD or hyperactivity."
Genetics Pure Kush x Joseph Og
Flowering Time 7-9 Weeks
Smell Pure Kush
Medicinal Properties Pain reliever, ADD, ADHD
grows Indoors/Outdoors