Lowlife Hindu Kush Autoflowering Seeds
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Lowlife Hindu Kush Autoflowering Seeds

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Automatic Hindu Kush is truly for the Indica lover.
She may only grow to 14” at the very most but the buds are thick and rock hard, and with such a coating of resin that she is our best and most efficient hashmaker. A mix of Hindu Kush, master Kush and Lowryder, our Automatic Hindu Kush does not branch out as much or grow as tall as our Automatic AK47 but they also do not require as much rootspace, this enables more to be grown in the same area.
In 1 square metre for example you may be able to fit twice as many Automatic Hindu Kush’ as you could Automatic AK47’ we feel that this more than makes up for it’s individual size.
Being an Indica, the high of the Automatic Hindu Kush can be quite narcotic in its qualities and can induce sleep or deep relaxation quite effortlessly.
Not a strain you should be smoking if you intend to go dancing, play sports or indeed anything that requires you to use your legs!
You might also consider somehow locking the refrigerator prior to smoking unless you want to gain weight and rack up obscene grocery bills.


Type : Autoflowering, sativa/indica F1 hybrid
Height : 10 – 14 inches
Harvest date : 9 weeks from seed
Yield : 14 – 30g per plant
Ideal light regime : 20/4 from seed to harvest
Environment : Indoors/Outdoors
Effect : Sedative/Couchlock/Manic Munchies

10 Seeds per Packet