Lowlife Hindu Kush x Lowlife AK47 Autoflowering Seeds
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Lowlife Hindu Kush x Lowlife AK47 Autoflowering Seeds

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This is another strain in our auto flowering F1 range that was born out of experimentation.
Our initial testers reported back to us of a “bushy, medium to heavy yielding auto showing a desirable blend of AK47 and Hindu Kush traits” It turns out they were telling the truth as our own grow tests showed just that! The Automatic AK47 brings height and branching while the Automatic Hindu Kush adds even more resin and tightens up the buds.
There’s nothing more to say, 2 excellent auto flowering hybrids merged into one super auto hybrid!

Genetics: Automatic AK47 x Automatic Hindu Kush
Cannabis Seeds (Auto 10 Seeds)
Variety: Mostly sativa/Indica/Ruderalis
Type: f1 Hybrid
Harvest Date: 10 weeks from seed
Height: 12 – 18 inches
THC Content: High
Characteristics: Bushy auto-flowering strain.


10 Seeds per Pack