Pakistan Chitral Kush Regular Seeds
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Pakistan Chitral Kush Regular Seeds

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Pakistan Chitral Kush Standard by Ace Seeds is a stunning purple and red 100% Indica with delicious caramel and berry aroma reminiscent of chewing gum. Perfect for outdoor growing due to excellent resistance against cold, rain and fungus, it is also a great option for deep relaxation.


Regular Pakistani Seeds – Breeders’ First Choice Worldwide


Pakistan Chitral Kush Standard is a highly resinous Indica plant with excellent fruity tastes. Growers will love the beautiful purple-red colors whilst growing, and the strain is also highly adaptable to cold weather environments and practically any outdoor climates.


This strain is common for extraction purposes, as it is known for producing one of the best Pakistani hashes available on the market today, mainly due to a large number of trichomes which are produced by the time harvest season. It will adapt to cold and warm environments, with excellent resistance against common grower issues such as mold and pests. The strain will ripen correctly under rainy conditions, making it highly sought-after in areas such as northern Europe. Pakistan Chitral Kush Standard is excellent for a breeding tool and will take moderate levels of feed throughout the whole lifecycle. Each plant will produce average to short nodes, with wide leaves and columnar growth.


  • Widely used for breeding.
  • Intense sweetness of caramel, strawberry and blackberry chewing gum in aroma.
  • Pleasant and relaxing in body.
  • Rich terpene profile.


Pakistan Chitral Kush Standard - Highly Relaxing Indica Strain


This strain will give you a complete, 100% Indica relaxing sensation – similar to hash in terms of effects. The 100% Hindu Kush genetics gives it great an impressive diversity of sweet scents: caramel, cherry, blueberry and strawberry. Rich flavors coupled with a pleasant and relaxing has plant effect make this strain ideal for unwinding after a long day.

Type 100% Indica
Genetics Chitral, Pakistani Hindu Kush
Flowering Indoors 8-9 Weeks
Flowering Outdoors End Of September
Yield Average
Resistance Against Spider Mites Average
Resistance Against Mildew Average-High
Resistance Against Botrytis High
Resistance Against Cold High
THC Content 8-12%
CBD Content Up to 2%
Latitude 0-50 Degrees
Aroma Sweet, Caramel, Strawberry, Blackberry Chewing Gum
Effect Pleasant, Relaxing Hash Plant Effect