Paradise AllKush (Sheherazade) Seeds
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Paradise AllKush (Sheherazade) Seeds

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Winner of the 2005 High Life Cannabis Cup, Indica Bio Category 2nd prize

Originally named Sheherazade in 2011 this strain will be renamed Allkush.

Named after the heroin of the Arabian legend of A Thousand and One Nights, Paradise?s AllKush will take considerably less time, finishing in about 56 nights.
AllKush reveals her Afghani-Kush heritage in compact appearance and other growth characteristics, but the one-quarter sativa shines through in the quality of the high, which is dynamic and long lasting. The overall sensation is one of bodily relaxation, warm caressing and deep, but may register on a cerebral level too. The flavor is as heavy and sweet as the enticing odor.
AllKush stays on the short side and hardly branches or stretches at all. She tends to grow one stem with a large top floral cluster and is perfect for a sea of green set-up where she will yield an average of 400 grams per square meter. Outside, she can grow to a maximum height of 2 meters (6 feet) with few leaves and many budding locations along her branches. She is recommended for outdoor grows around the 50? Northern or Southern latitude.

Type: mostly Indica
Flowering time: 56 days indoors. Outdoors,
middle of October at 50? NL
Yield: up to 400 g per m2 indoors.
Outdoors up to 400 g per plant
Effect /Buzz: body relaxation and medical qualities
Smell/Taste: musky/sweet
THC: 16-20%

5-10 Seeds per Pack