TH MK Ultra Kush Mind Control Set Feminised Seeds
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TH MK Ultra Kush Mind Control Set Feminised Seeds

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To celebrate the MK-Ultra legacy, we are releasing our Exclusive Limited Edition Pack, that will hypnotize your body and mind. After years of hard work, T.H.Seeds® now offers one of our highest quality strains, the award-winning MK-Ultra Kush, for those who wants only best for their gardens as part of an exclusive pack. In addition to this classic strain, this Limited Edition Pack also includes 2 other brand new strains we have secretly been developing, MK-Ultra Kush Auto and a cross of the legendary MK-Ultra Kush with our famous Original Bubblegum made from two of our most popular strains that have been winning awards for decades. 

-MK-Ultra Kush (the classic feminized 5 pack) ---- First OG Kush to win the High Times Cannabis Cup!

-MK-Ultra Kush AUTO (new) ---- Now also available in Autoflower!

-MK-Ultra Kush x Bubble (new) ---- This is a clash of titans! The legendary Original Bubblegum crossed with the mind blowing Original Kush (MK-Ultra)

Complete your collection with all 3 strains of the MK-Ultra Kush family with the Mind Control Box Set!

Limited edition mixed pack